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Dear Aquarium Hobbyist

 Aquarium StoreAquaDirect has been a leader in innovative aquarium supplies & equipment for nearly ten years.  We exist because the reef aquarium community deserves a resource that is genuinely concerned with you success in this hobby.  We introduced this new website in March 2004 to better inform hobbyists of industry changes, newly developed techniques, and new & exciting products as well as help and information on those you already own.

We are an industry-leading online aquarium store based on our steadfast dedication to your success.  Choosing an aquarium supplier can be difficult.  We'll work to ensure your comfort in knowing you've chosen one that will provide you with assistance along the way.  We'll provide you with an extensive and ever-growing online library of product information and support, a toll-free number for help & service, an online help department, a spam-free mailing list for important on aquarium products & equipment you already own or have in your wish list as well as special unadvertised sales, and most importantly a promise to remain dedicated to your success.

Anyone remember these graphics from our very first website ?


Our mission is to provide quality aquaria equipment for those just starting out and for those interested in upgrading their aquariums. With prices far below the industry standard, you can now purchase the equipment necessary for your tank, without going broke -- which has been a common scenario for many years. By bringing in more hobbyists, we can help promote the creation of new and innovative technology by existing and newly emerging manufacturers.

Whether you're ordering new equipment, or need help with the design of a new tank or system, you may call us to discuss your application. With extended hours and an experienced staff, we'll do our best to help you choose the best equipment at the lowest possible cost.

Please feel free to browse through our new online catalog. If you find something you like or develop questions while browsing, please call -- we'd be happy to help.



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