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  Aquadirect :: Dosers :: ReefFiller :: Reef-Filler 1000-1 30 GPD

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Reef-Filler 1000-1 30 GPD
Reef-Filler 1000-1 30 GPD 

Since 1985, Reef-Filler diaphragm dosing pumps have been respected by hobbyists around the world for dependability, versatility and easy maintenance.

The Reef-Filler 1000-1 series is great for dosing kalkwasser, freshwater or saltwater.

The Reef-Filler 2000-2 series with dual head assemblies are ideal for dosing two solutions at different outputs or for a continuous water change (one head pumping from the tank and the other pumping to the tank). Or simply use on unit for two different tanks!

Operating Benefits

  • Versatility. Range of models offering feed rates from 3 GPD to 30 GPD at operating pressures up to 100 PSI. Delivers water up to 200ft in any direction via 3/8" tubing (max draw form reservoir is 5ft). Designed for out of sight location of pump and reservoir in the basement, closer or garage.
  • Dependability. No float switches or timers to malfunction. Uses a diaphragm, which virtually never wears out, unlike peristaltic pumps where the tubing needs to be replaced frequently. Designed for chemical use, great for dosing kalkwasser!
  • Feed Rate Control. The output is fully adjustable over the entire operating range allowing you to adjust the output form 0% to 100% of the max flow. If your tank evaporates ¾ of a gallon per day, set the control knob of a 3GPD unit at 25%.
  • Automatic. Set it and forget it! An average tank evaporating ½ gallon of water a day can be serviced for 2 months using a Reef-Filler and a standard 33 gallon plastic container as a reservoir.
  • Sealed Gear Train. Lowers maintenance and extends the life of the pump.
  • Guided 4-ball check valve. Ensures accurate and reliable metering performance. Self-priming makes startup a breeze!
  • Chemical Resistant Materials. Motor and gear shaft are treated with a special lubricant to extend the life of the pump in normal operating environments.
  • Simple Installation. Includes all fittings, anti-siphon valves, and tubing. (to extend the discharge line, you can purchase 3/8" semi-rigid polyethylene tubing at any hardware store.)

Download 1000-1 manual (PDF)

Download 2000-2 manual (PDF)

Price: $279.90


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