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  Aquadirect :: Medications :: CPR First A.I.D. Standard - Fish Acclimator

CPR First A.I.D. Standard - Fish Acclimator
CPR First A.I.D. Standard - Fish Acclimator 

CPR Aquatic's First A.I.D. kit is designed to automate and simplify the acclimation and introduction of aquatic animals into a new environment. Properly acclimating fish and coral significantly improves the animal's ability to make a smooth transition to its new environment without trauma, which often causes stress, disease and sometimes even death.

The First A.I.D. kit is not just an acclimation device. It can also be used as an isolation tank so users can socially acclimate the animals to the other aquarium inhabitants. The First A.I.D. kit can also be used to dose liquid supplements into a sump as well as be used as a dipping station where coral or fish can be dipped prior to introductionto the tank.

CPR Aquatic’s First A.I.D. automates and simplifies the acclimation and introduction of aquatic animals into a new environment. In addition to acclimation, First A.I.D. can also perform several other functions associated with proper introduction and care for your new fish or coral including: use as an isolation tank, a dosing system, a dipping or fragging station, a brine shrimp hatchery and more! Read more about its features below.

Acclimation System Everyone knows how hard it can be to adjust to new places and environments. First A.I.D. helps your coral and fish through that potentially stressful time and makes it easy to properly introduce new inhabitants to your aquarium. A simple set up and a single micro valve adjustment is all you need to properly acclimatize your fish or coral to the aquarium’s water conditions and parameters.

Isolation Tank: Once acclimated to the aquarium’s water conditions, the new fish or coral can be maintained in isolation to help socially acclimatize the inhabitants to one another. By allowing the fish or coral to initially remain in isolation, the other inhabitants are able to safely acclimate to their new aquarium-mates rather than nipping at and bullying one another. It’s also a great way to protect those valuable coral frags the first couple of days in thetank. No more “missing” frags!

Dosing Device Dosing: liquid supplements is a common part of most aquarists’ maintenance regimen. First A.I.D. serves as a simple dosing device allowing users to hang the system on their sump edge or above their tank so that dosing can take place over a period of time rather than all at once. This is particularly helpful when adjusting certain parameters like pH or alkalinity when quick and dramatic changes are not desired.

Dipping Station: Preventative care “dips” for coral and fish can greatly increase the vitality of your animals while reducing the chances of parasitic and bacterial infections. Preventative dipping is made easier with the First A.I.D. dipping station mounted outside of the aquarium at tank level. This results in fewer accidents and a cleaner set up. Don’t forget to dip!

Fragging Station: First A.I.D. also serves as a fragging station to assist with fragging corals. It’s a great place to store freshly mounted frags before placing them in the tank. Once the fragging is completed, the entire First A.I.D. unit can simply be installed into the aquarium and set up as an isolation tank until the frags are ready for permanent placement.

Brine Shrimp Hatchery: First A.I.D. can be also set up as a Brine shrimp hatchery to help supplement existing feeding regimens with live food. When first hatched, Artemia contain a high percentage of nutrients and fatty acids and is a great source of zooplankton, particularly for filter feeders, smaller polyp animals, fish fry and other delicate eaters. Simply hang the unit and add the Artemia encysts following the hatching instructions from the encyst supplier. Remove the hatched brine shrimp nauplii through the micro-valve and if using capsulated encysts, the shells will stick to the sides of the First A.I.D. body while draining the nauplii for easy cleaning.

Designed for freshwater or marine aquariums.

Includes: First A.I.D. case Attachment bracket (Vertical & Euro-brace rims) Tinted body and lid Egg crate coral frag racks
Circulation pump for isolation tank use* (Deluxe models only)

Features: Acclimate new fish and corals Isolate fish or coral from other inhabitants Dose supplements into a sump Dipping station for fish and corals

Body Size: 7 1/8" W x 3 1/2" D x 9" H

Rating: for all fresh and saltwater aquariums


Price: $31.90


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