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  Aquadirect :: Monitors & Controllers :: Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper Lifeguard - 30-0100-001

Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper Lifeguard - 30-0100-001
Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper Lifeguard - 30-0100-001 


Built using the latest in web technology, Lifeguard utilizes advanced standards like HTML5 and libraries like jQuery to offer a rich user experience.


Lifeguard will be the first of many products built to be sold around the globe. Language support is planned for English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

Intuitive Graphs

Graphing in Lifeguard has been built for ease of use and speed. Getting data to you fast without having to dig for it reduces frustration and increases efficiency.

Custom Alerts

Sending alerts is nothing new. Where Lifeguard separates from the pack is in sending alerts based on current trends and predictions to allow you to fix a problem before it becomes a catastrophe.

Track Temperatures

The most common causes of tank failures are temperature spikes and drops. These can be caused by a number of things including heater or chiller failures, under powered heating or cooling systems as well as circulation pump failures. Lifeguard will constantly monitor temperature and alert you at the first sign of trouble helping you avoid complete tank disasters!


Watch ph
Another common aquarium issue is pH level shifts. pH levels can be affected by a variety of problems and while your fish can often handle reasonable swings in ph, your most delicate coral cannot! Lifeguard will, again, notify you at the first sign of trouble. This feature is even more important if you’re controlling the pH levels in your aquarium! Lifeguard can send an email if your controller ever fails or an event happens where the controller is no longer able to regulate.
Monitor Water Level
Lifeguard can send out an email or a text message if the water level in your system changes beyond an acceptable level. Float switches can be connected to detect both drops in water and overflows. This can save both your tank and your home!

Size and Weight
• Height: 3.55" (89mm)
• Width: 3.60" (90mm)
• Depth: 1.00" (25mm)
• Weight: 6.1 ounces (173g)
• Wired 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
• Built-in dedicated web server
• SSL E-mail support for secure alert transmission
• 16x2 Alphanumeric screen with a white back light and black characters.
• High contrast for improved readability
• 80Mhz, 32bit, 1.56 DMIPS/MHz Embedded Processor
• 4MB, 86Mhz Flash Memory
Data Calculations and Graphing
• 2 week data logs for Temperature
• 2 week data logs for pH
• 5 minute logging interval
• Calculated min, max, average and current trend

• 6VDC Power Adapter
• Internal battery for clock retention
• Less than 2.4W of power consumption
• Temperature Port
Precision: 0.1°F
Accuracy*: ±1.0°F
Range: 60°F to 100°F
• pH Port
Precision: 0.01 pH
Accuracy*: ±0.10 pH
Range: 3.00 pH to 11.00 pH
• Advanced Switch Port
• Ethernet
• Power Adapter
* Accuracies determined after calibration with proper solution and Digital Aquatics brand probes. Other brand pH probes will differ in overall accuracy.
Website Technology
• Utilizes HTML5 and jQuery for a superior intuitive interface.
• HTTPS and SSL support
• Multiple Language support to come.
• Smartphone compatible graphs.
• SNTP support for Internet time synching.
System Requirements
• Modern web browser supporting HTML5 functionality
Internet Explorer 9.0+
Firefox 11.0+
Google Chrome 19.0+
Safari 5.1+
• Internet connection in order to register the product and use email alerts.
Included Items
• 1 x Lifeguard
• 1 x Temperature probe
• 1 x pH probe
• 1 x 7pH Calibration packet
• 1 x 10pH Calibration packet
• 1 x Power Adapter
• 1 x 5' Ethernet cable
• 1 x Quick start guide

Price: $208.99


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