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Aquadirect :: Filter Media :: Blue Life :: Blue Life Clear FX Filter Media 300 ml - Treats 50 gals.
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  Aquadirect :: Filter Media :: Blue Life :: Blue Life Clear FX Filter Media 300 ml - Treats 50 gals.

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Blue Life Clear FX Filter Media 300 ml - Treats 50 gals.
Blue Life Clear FX Filter Media 300 ml - Treats 50 gals.  

CLEAR Fx is an advanced filter media for freshwater, saltwater fish and reef aquariums. CLEAR Fx will ensure the health, clarity, and stability of your aquatic environment. This fo­­rmula utilizes cutting edge technology that effectively targets and removes organics and toxins while leaving behind essential trace elements necessary for the vitality of your aquarium. You will be ­amazed with the resulting clarity and overall appearance of your aquarium and its inhabitants. For the added benefit of phosphate removal use CLEAR Fx PRO.

The proprietary blend combines a super carbon, and two organic scavenger resins CLEAR Fx works rapidly to remove organic pollutants while leaving behind essential trace ­elements effectively keeping aquariums clean, clear and healthy for months.

To use the product simply place the mesh filter bag within a high flow area of your filtration system. The media is compatible within both canister filters and standard sumps.

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC):
CLEAR Fx  contains a coal based granular activated carbon (GAC). The product offers the hardest carbon available that will still work when used in water. The high surface area and durability of our unique carbon allows CLEAR Fx  to last longer and prevent deterioration over time. Unlike other high ash carbon based filtration medias, the low ash content of CLEAR Fx will not lead to hole in the head or lateral line disease within your aquarium.

Organic Scavenger Resin:
The two scavenger resins in CLEAR Fx attract your tanks organics, effectively controlling ammonia, nitrate and nitrite levels. Theses organic scavenger resins have a macro-porous design that will not clog quickly. The resin works hand-in-hand with our GAC to deliver clarity, stability and health to your aquarium water.

Product Sizes:
150 ml: Treats 50 Gallons Freshwater, 25 Gallons Saltwater 
300 ml: Treats 100 Gallons Freshwater, 50 Gallons Saltwater

up to 4 months in saltwater
up to 6 months freshwater
Tanks with heavy bio-load should consider changing media more frequently


  • Removes: odors, tannins, phenols, gases, pollutants, CO2,
  • copper, and metals
  • Crystal clear water
  • Removes nitrogenous organic waste
  • Leaves essential trace elements
  • Raises Redox (ORP) 
  • Controls ammonia, nitrites and nitrates
  • Macro-pore structure
  • Decreases need for water changes
  • High adsorption capacity
  • Long lasting, hard and durable media
  • Large surface area
  • Removes contaminants and irritants harmful to corals
  • Stabilizes pH
  • Removes light blocking impurities
  • Stimulates coral and plant growth
  • Removes organics that degrade water quality by reducing oxygen

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