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Aquadirect :: Medications :: Ruby Reef Kick Ich 64oz
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  Aquadirect :: Medications :: Ruby Reef Kick Ich 64oz

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Ruby Reef Kick Ich 64oz
Ruby Reef Kick Ich 64oz 

A reef safe water treatment that controls "Ich" by disrupting the life cycle of C. irritans (marine) or I. multifiliis (freshwater). Does not contain copper.

KICK-ICH is a scientifically developed water treatment, which was proven effective during two years of national test marketing, for stopping C. irritans and I. multifiliis infections. The KICK-ICH formulation is specifically designed to interrupt the free swimming stage (i.e., the “tomite” stage) of their life cycles, thereby stopping progressive infection and reinfection, without use of copper, malachite green, hyper-irritants or other chemicals that are toxic to many aquarium inhabitants. In addition, KICK-ICH does not affect nitrifying bacteria (e.g., Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter) and is biodegradable.

During the typical “Ich” lifecycle, a free-swimming tomite penetrates the host skin, where it undergoes metamorphosis into a “trophozoite”. The trophozoite matures within the host skin -- forming the “whitespot” cyst – until it emerges from the cyst as a “trophont” and leaves the host. The trophont secretes a thick, highly resistant mucous coat immediately upon exit from the host: the mucous coat protects the trophont as it undergoes replication and division into hundreds of infecting units, which emerge as new, fully infectious tomites upon rupture of the ripe trophont.

It is generally impractical or impossible to attack, by chemical or drug therapy, maturing trophozoites residing between dermal layers of skin. [NOTE: It is possible to cause spots to "slide off" by employing highly stressful and sometimes toxic hyper-irritants that induce sliming and shedding of dermal layers.] Similarly, it is virtually impossible to attack [or irritate] the mucous coated trophonts. However, practical interruption of the infection cycle can be accomplished by attacking the unprotected, free swimming tomites. KICK-ICK is a water treatment that, when used as directed, can be directly and safely added to any marine, reef or freshwater aquarium to effectively interrupt the tomite stage of the Ich life cycle, without concern for the health and vigor of fish, corals, invertebrates or nitrifying bacteria.


1. Trophozoites mature between the dermal layers of the skin causing “whitespot”.
2. Mature trophozoites (trophonts) leave the infected fish. Trophonts secrete a thick gelatinous coating.
3. Tomites (infecting units) develop in mature trophonts.
4. Tomites (“swarmers” or “free swimming parasites”) are released upon rupture of mature trophonts.
5. Tomites penetrate the skin of fish host and begin cycle again.

Directions for treatment:

Beginning on day #1 add 2 ozs of Kick-Ich for each 25 gallons of total water volume for the entire aquarium & filter system.
Repeat on days #4, #7, #10 & #13.
Persistent infections may require repeating the cycle.
Do not use carbon or similar absorbent media during treatment (phosphate absorbents are OK).
Protein skimming can appreciably reduce effectiveness of the treatment.
Safe for all fish (including scaleless fish), plants, corals and invertebrates.
Will not effect biofiltration.
Safe to use with Rally, but do not use with any other treatments.

Price: $34.50


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