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  Aquadirect :: Ozonizers :: H2OZONE UPS350 120V Ozonator 35mg/hr

H2OZONE UPS350 120V Ozonator 35mg/hr
H2OZONE UPS350 120V Ozonator 35mg/hr 

H2OZONE Electronic Ozonator represents a major breakthrough in aquarium ozone technology. While all new-installed ozonators help to improve water quality by facilitating the breakdown of organic wastes and oxidizing other contaminants, the huge difference is H2OZONE'S long life, low power consumption and sustained ozone output level! You'll get many more years of reliable and economical service because of H2OZONE'S advanced electronics and state of the art ozone generator technology, far superior to Corona Discharge (CD) units which work well at first but then quickly diminish in effectiveness, requiring frequent and costly CD chip replacement. (Many units are not even replaceable rendering them disposable.) Unlike CD type ozonators, the humid environment around aquariums does not affect the H2OZONE'S ability to produce ozone, due to its high- output UV lamp and onboard computer which regulates ozone generation functions to gently power the unit on or off on demand resulting in extended and sustained ozone yield.


The Benefits of Ozone:

Ozone raises ORP levels (Oxidation Reduction Potentials) which helps break down harmful waste products produced by fish, removing yellowing compounds and creating crystal clear water. Ozone suppresses parasitic, bacterial and fungal activity by providing a healthier environment for fish in aquariums and ponds. Ozone improves protein skimmer efficiency by converting fish waste into more easily removable by-products. Ozone reduces nuisance algae growth (An overall decrease in organics coupled with an increase in ORP means less nuisance algae growth)

Recommended Methods For Utilizing Ozone

We recommend connecting your H2OZONE ozonator (ozone safe) airline tubing from the ozonator to the venturi inlet of a protein skimmer, and either running the ozonator through an ORP controller or plugging the ozonator into a timer (either a digital or mechanical variety that can be set to run in increments as small as 15 minutes). Ozone should always be utilized for the MINIMUM amount of time that it takes to achieve and maintain water quality and clarity.
A second method of utilizing your ozonator is to connect your ozone safe airline tubing from the ozonator to the venturi intake of a power head (if the powerhead is so equipped) and place in the sump of the filter. Though extremely effective also, this method usually results in somewhat less contact time between ozone molecules and water which in turn would potentially require ozone to run for longer periods of time to achieve the same result. If utilizing an ORP controller, the reading will be in millivolts (mV) which measures the oxidation ability of the water. As ozone is applied the ORP level increases. Natural seawater has an ORP value of 350-400 mV. We recommend maintaining a level of 250-300 mV. You should never exceed an ORP of 400 mV in your aquarium.
Should you choose not to use an ORP controller, always be conservative... Increasing run time gradually by 1 hour per 24 hour day until desired effect is reached. It is important to remember that very low doses can yield excellent results in most cases, and that overdosing can be harmful to aquarium inhabitants. MORE IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER!
The goal when introducing ozone into your system is for all of the ozone to break down in the sump of your filter or protein skimmer. You do not want ozone to escape freely into your aquarium as it will oxidize organic matter in there, which will cause damage to fish’s gills and invertebrate tissue. You also do not want high concentrations of ozone to escape into the air as it is a lung irritant in high levels. Placing a small bag of carbon in the filter sump and /or on top of your protein skimmer will quickly break down any residual ozone molecules and we recommend using an ozone test kit periodically to make sure that none is escaping the reaction chamber into your aquarium. We do not rate our ozonator for a certain size aquarium as it is not just the volume of water but the level of organic load present in the aquarium or pond and the length of run time of the ozonator that need to be taken into consideration.
Keep in mind the general rule of 5mg per 25gals, but this rule is FLEXIBLE! Doses as low as 1-2 mg per 25 gals. Depending on bio-load may be sufficient to maintain desired effect, so again...DON'T BE AFRAID TO START WITH SHORT RUN TIMES AND INCREASE AS NEEDED!


Price: $219.00


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